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There are few days more special than a wedding. Family and friends come together to witness the richness of a life. Your life. On this day, love is flowing and beauty is blazing, and of all of them, you are the most radiant. And if you were to try some humility, your beauty submitted to the joys of this day, would betray you. Because, traditionally, the grace which is natural for you is accompanied by the most delicate ornaments. A dress, which sublimates your lines and stuns the spirits, some jewels which adorn here and there the imaginary borders of your silhouette, and a composed hairstyle which finds its grace in the play of lines and movements of your hair. Like the tailor and the jeweler, the professional hairdresser has a vision of the right, the refined, and the balanced. He must therefore lend you, on this day, the softest reflections of your beauty.

Over the years, Sarah James has seen the creative and aesthetic potential of wedding hairstyles. Never has the work of the hair been more complex and subject to the imperative of the original. She marvels at these new possibilities and takes pleasure in playing with her sharp eye, because, she is convinced, ""the wedding hairstyle is a work of art in its own right, whose uniqueness lies as much in the mind of the hairdresser as in the individuality of the bride. It is therefore in the manner of an artist that she approaches each of her wedding hair appointments.

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The chignon is the perfect hairstyle for a wedding. It allows for the styling of all styles while maintaining the elegance that is ""in order"" on such occasions. We see brides with high buns, low buns, bohemian or bohemian chic buns, curly buns, banana buns, or braided buns. Sarah James, hairstylist for brides, sees in the chignon a limitless creative potential. She adapts to the bride's aesthetic and hair characteristics and, at the end of the trial appointment, offers her several bridal hairstyles that best suit her.


Some brides prefer a more sober but no less elegant style for the day of the ceremony. The blow-dry is a true bridal hairstyle when it is done with style, intelligence and creativity. In this way, wedding hairstylist Sarah James doesn't hesitate to let her imagination run wild and reinvents straight and curly brushings, wavy for volume and supple for lightness, sometimes inviting braids and highlights to make them more beautiful.


Sometimes a client has a well-defined image of her ideal hairstyle for the big day of her life, but this wedding hairstyle is unattainable due to the nature of her hair. It may be too thin, too straight or not very full. Sarah James, a specialist in hair extensions, comes to propose her solutions and presents to the brides-to-be three different ways to apply hair extensions:

  • Keratin extensions, for long-lasting hair additions (up to 6 months)
  • Adhesive strip extensions, for a shorter duration but ideal for a few days.
  • And clip-in extensions for rent, which consist of the installation of hair by camouflaged bars at the hairline.

Wedding hairstyles may require, depending on the image that one has of them, some complexities. Thus, brushings and braids are invited in the buns and other techniques follow the movement. It is not uncommon to work on the bangs, to straighten or to color some strands on the front of the faces to give the wedding hairstyle a different look. Sarah James, an expert in straightening and coloring, uses her best assets for the most exceptional wedding hairstyles.


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