Sarah James, a home hairdresser with a strong style

Sarah James' particularity lies in her wide range of expertise, which will satisfy the desires and expectations of all women looking for a hairstyle adapted to their face.



Brushings are a classic hairstyling technique that some women do on a daily basis with the means at hand. But the work of these styling techniques has a very wide range of possibilities, and the home hairdresser has all the recipes. With a round brush and blow dryer in hand, Sarah James will style your hair straight or curly, wavy or soft for beautiful waves, and depending on your events, she will try a few blow dry styling exercises.


Buns are the great specialty of the hairstylist. These hairstyles require a real technique, a lot of practice and a creative mind. Sarah James has been having fun working on them for many years and reinventing them, which is how she has won over brides. We will see the hairdresser at home use some decorative objects that decorate the reception rooms or the salons of her clients, to sublimate their hairstyles. Sarah James' timeless hairstyles include the low chignon, the half chignon, the hair bun, the bridal chignon, the bohemian chignon, the bohemian chic and the banana chignon, as well as the high chignon and the curly chignon.


Permanent straightening is another specialty of the home hairdresser. These can be done on the whole hair or on the strands and can last up to 6 months. Sarah James Hair Designer and Wedding uses Global Keratin products which are renowned for their effectiveness. For an at-home straightening, count on 3 hours of care.


Sarah James is a hair coloring professional who will help you decide which colors will best suit your hair and will order the various products needed to achieve the desired color. Equipped with all the necessary material for the coloring, the hairdresser at home will give back to this often heavy and tedious process in salon, airs of lightness and conviviality. However, it is necessary to make an appointment one week in advance to ensure the order and reception of the various hair coloring products.


The work of the highlights consists of the bleaching of hair strands (although it is possible to color the strands). Sarah James practices various techniques including painting, ombré hair, Tie and Dye, and contouring.


Just like buns, the techniques of hair extensions are very familiar to the professional hairdresser who knew how to extend them to home hairdressing. She practices keratin or adhesive strip extensions. The selection of hair extensions is done in advance with the client so that the hairdresser can order the appropriate product.


Braids can be as technical as some buns. The braid can be elegant, casual, eccentric or discreet. Sarah James uses it regularly in her bridal buns, and practices different themes, such as the African braid, the spike braid or the twisted braid.


For any hairstyle at home

Whatever hairstyle you're looking for, Sarah James will be able to suggest a style adapted to your desires and your face.