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A renowned hair designer, Sarah specializes in women's hairstyles, mainly for brides and special events. Surrounded by a team of professional hairdressers and makeup artists, Sarah's in-home hairstyling services extend beyond the traditional formalities to include complete and personal care. Sarah James pays particular attention to her clients and adds to her know-how a real advisory role. She willingly gives demonstrations and educational speeches on technique and aesthetics that she personalizes to the tastes and profiles of her different models.

Bright, generous, and lively, Sarah James will transform your appointments into a moment of exchange and well-being.

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Hairstyling from the age of 15

Sarah James' career began at the age of 15. Already, she sees her visits to the hair salon as a singular experience, which mixes the imperative of the back-to-school refreshment with the opportunity to play with some new styles. Style is what will drive the future hairdresser in her quest for beauty and renewal. We see her redrawing the hairstyles of celebrities in fashion magazines that she borrows from her younger sister, before launching into her first creations: chignons, wavy brushings, cascading braids, etc.

At the age of 18, Sarah James decided to devote herself fully to her passion and began a professional training program that she honored with great assiduity. Very quickly, she worked for salons of great names in the capital, such as Jean Louis David, Franck Provost, Jean-Claude Biguine or Stéphane Berry on the Champs-Elysées.

The arrival on the French Riviera

In 2005, Sarah decided to leave Paris and move to the French Riviera, which she had loved since her first summer visits. She moved to Nice and set up her own business, eager to free herself from the hierarchical constraints of hair salons and to give pride of place to her creativity. The Sarah James - Hair Designer company was born and her first hairdressing missions at home. In a few months, word of mouth spread and Sarah James became a name that is remembered and shared with generosity all along the coast. For the stylish hairdresser is not only satisfied with a diligent service, with technical and design hairstyles, but also adorns her.

A hairdresser with a singular style

Sarah is getting noticed. Her singular style and her extravagance are the talk of the town. She was invited to the most prestigious hotels on the French Riviera, such as the Château de la chèvre d'or, the JW Marriott, Les Belles rives, Le Majestic, but also the Martinez, the Carlton and the Five Seas Hotel, where she did brides and celebrities' hair.

Thus the world of events adopted Sarah James and gave a real turn to the career of the professional hairdresser who took advantage of these new opportunities to develop the style that characterizes her today.

A professional hairdresser for demanding women

She tries out all kinds of hairstyles: the low chignon, the bohemian chignon, the sleek work, or even the cascades of curls that she reinvents to the tastes of a clientele that is increasingly glamorous and desirous of finesse and elegance. But what these exceptional women are looking for is precisely the exceptional. And that's the heart of Sarah James' hairstyles: hairstyles with singular styles that satisfy the desires of each woman. So, playing with a few alchemies, the itinerant hairdresser sublimates women and adorns them with new hairstyles, straight or soft brushings, French-style blow-drying, curly buns, and keratin extensions, reminiscent of the new freedoms depicted by Zola and aspiring to Au Bonheur des Dames.

But this new clientele, eager for the fantasy appointments of the female hairdresser, is no less capricious, and these women of taste now wish to marry these stylish hairstyles to the makeup that will distinguish them. It is with the idea of satisfying this identity imperative, that the professional hairdresser of brides and themed hairstyles, undertakes training in order to specialize in the arts of face sublimation, and then acquires new techniques that initiate her to sophisticated makeup, such as Lebanese makeup, bridal makeup, contouring, or the application of false lashes.

Sarah James does not stop there and continues to extend and update her know-how on a daily basis to keep up with the latest trends, and is now interested in new techniques for hair extensions. She started several trainings dedicated to hair extensions, which became one of her main activities. Today, keratin extensions and additions using adhesive strips or clips no longer hold any secrets for the stylish hairdresser.

Thank you to Sarah who knew how to realize the hairstyle of my dreams for my wedding. I finally found a hairdresser who really knows how to do elaborate bridal hairstyles and you can go there with your eyes closed.
I recommend her 100%.
Estelle Moreno
Sarah (hairdresser) totally understood my tastes and desires, by doing the mise-en-beauté I was dreaming of. I hadn't even met her before because I don't live in France, but on the wedding day everything was perfect. I warmly recommend her.
Daiana N.
Sarah James is a gem! She makes you look beautiful on the big day and on top of that she is very kind and available (SMS, calls and emails). I recommend her 100%!
Despite a very tight schedule, the result of the ""D-day"" was beyond my expectations! Natural and romantic, not sophisticated. I recommend Sarah to all those who need an attentive ear and who are stressed by life, like me! :-)